Themed diner

Together with the Treat event agency, we organize a variety of themed dinners. You and your guests will be seated in one of our two period rooms with a beautiful view over the magnificent Vrijthof Square. In addition to being served a delicious and perfectly arranged dinner, you take part in an interactive and entertaining game show – a great way to spend an evening with friends, colleagues, or family.

Death by dinner and the deathly angel

A brutal murder has taken place in the beautiful Grand Café D’n Ingel in Maastricht. You play the part of local city residents and are assisted by Sherlock Holmes himself in investigating the murder.

In successive interactive rounds, you learn more and more about this tragic affair. But who will be able to gather all the necessary information, solve the murder, and restore peace and quiet to the city of Maastricht?

All the while, you will be enjoying a deathly delicious dinner in one of our two heavenly rooms, the Gabriel or Michael room.

Price: € 52.50 p.p. incl. VAT

  • incl. death by dinner game show
  • incl. assistance from Sherlock Holmes
  • incl. a prize for the winner(s)
  • incl. 3-course meal
  • excl. drinks
  • duration: 3.5 hours
  • min. group size: 10 persons
  • language: Dutch/English

The ultimate TV quiz game show

This newest and really fun game show is unique in the Netherlands and combines the best elements of the most popular TV game shows! Test your taste buds in Master Chef and take part in exciting Expedition Robinson challenges, recognizing voices in The Voice, or an exciting celebrity quiz modelled after the I Love My Country show.

You won't even have to choose. This time, you get it all!

Hidden talents of participants come to the surface: acting talent during Hints, speed during Minute to Win It, and empathy during What's My Line?

Everybody gets a chance to be a star!

We guarantee you a delicious, enjoyable, and exciting evening for young and old alike!

Price: € 47.50 p.p. incl. VAT

  • incl. game show
  • incl. assistance from game show leader
  • incl. prizes for the winning team
  • incl. 3-course dinner
  • excl. drinks
  • duration: 4 hours
  • min. group size: 10 persons
  • language: Dutch/English

I Love My Country (Ik hou van Holland)

Under the enthusiastic guidance of a show master and his assistant, the guests are divided into teams that compete with each other for the Holland prize of the evening.

For 2 hours, the teams compete with each other based on the well-known format from I Love My Country.

Can you take the pressure of talking continuously without saying yes, no or uh? How good is your vocabulary during the spelling round? How well do you know the Dutch songs, and can you decipher Mr. Cheung’s accent? Of course, we cap off the evening with the best-known round from I Love My Country, the birthday party.

Price: € 47.50 p.p. incl. VAT

  • show
  • incl.assistance from game show leader
  • incl.prizes for the winning team
  • incl.3-course dinner
  • excl.drinks
  • duration:4 hours
  • size: 10 persons
  • language:Dutch/English

In case of any change in amount of attendees we request 24 hours notice. After these 24 hours we are required to bill the original number of attendees.